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Using Advanced iOS Frameworks and Techniques with Swift 3

You should know the basics of the Swift Programming Language and the concepts of object oriented programming
Learn about the coolest and most useful iOS frameworks and development techniques that will improve the quality and look of your Apps, enhance your productivity and make your customers so much happier.

Learn and Master the Coolest iOS Frameworks And Techniques in this Comprehensive Course

Learn by realistic examples
Understand protocol oriented programming with UIKit
3D Touch, Today Extensions and Widgets, Live Photos, and more
Build a sliding menu with UIKit Dynamics
Learn to download and present data from a web API

iOS Development Techniques that will make you a Pro

In this course I am presenting to you many of the coolest iOS frameworks and development techniques that will help you create better and more beautiful Apps. All projects are created in a way that will help you directly use your new knowledge in your own projects.

Knowing your way around important iOS frameworks can make the difference between winning or loosing in a job interview. Being able to understand the concepts that you are learning in this course will make it a lot easier for you to learn about other and new frameworks by yourself.

Content and Overview

You can use this course like a dictionary for the presented iOS Frameworks and techniques. Each section is self-contained and covers either a number of different development techniques or a specific framework.

Have a look at the different sections in the curriculum to get an idea about the frameworks and topics we are going to cover.

One demo project is going to accompany you in four sections. It is called MovieSelectr. By extending this demo App, you are going to learn how to access Web APIs, how to cache data, how to create custom transitions between ViewControllers, how to use 3D Touch, Today Extensions and a lot more.

I designed this Swift course to be easily understandable for any iOS Developer who has an intermediate knowledge about the Swift programming language and the Xcode IDE.

This course comes complete with working files and code samples, you’ll be able to work alongside the instructor and will receive a verifiable certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

Who this course is for:
This iOS Development course is meant for developers who know their way around the basics of Swift and the Xcode IDE and want to improve their knowledge about very cool and helpful APIs and language features that will enhance the quality of their apps. This course if probably not for you, if you are just learning the basics of iOS Development.

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