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SwiftUI Quick Start Guide with iOS 13 and Xcode 11

Basic knowledge of Swift programming language
Basic knowledge of Xcode
In WWDC19 Apple introduced SwiftUI, which uses a declarative syntax to create user interfaces and enables powerful new visual design tools in Xcode.

SwiftUI is described as “a new framework built from the ground up to take advantage of everything that Swift had to offer”.

SwiftUI is a huge deal. Instead of building a user interface in code with Apple’s UIKit framework, you describe it with declarative statements, adding modifiers to customize the way they are rendered on the screen. This includes animations and other visual effects.

A declarative framework is not only quicker to code, but also works naturally with visual builders. Xcode 11 includes design tools for constructing a SwiftUI user interface with drag-and-drop, using Inspectors to set properties. A preview shows what your application will look like, and you can also push the preview instantly to an iPhone or other device for testing there.

SwiftUI works across all Apple platforms, WatchOS, iOS, iPadOS (newly announced for iPad), MacOS and TVOS.

In this course, we will explore all there is available to know about SwiftUI.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to learn SwiftUI
Apple App Developers who want to learn declarative programming with SwiftUI

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