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SwiftUI In Depth

Knowledge of Swift
Basic knowledge of Xcode
In WWDC 19 Apple announced the next big thing in their dev community SwiftUI.

SwiftUI is new way of creating UI/UX for your apps, in a declarative manner. By combining choices of views and modifiers you can create complex user interfaces with ease.

SwiftUI helps data binding to User Interfaces easy with the introduction of Combine Framework. When the data changes, so does the UI and vice versa.

SwiftUI is also incredibly reusable. Views you create can be reused time and time again.

With SwiftUI apple also introduced SwiftUI Previews in Xcode 11 and to show you in real time as how your code changes will effect the look of your app.

In this course we will take a deep dive into each component that builds SwiftUI. We will also build working apps after learning components and their properties.

Who this course is for:
iOS developers wanting to learn SwiftUI
iOS developers wanting to learn declarative way of developing apps

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