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SwiftUI – Easily Create Beautiful Apps

Some Swift or Object Oriented Programming is helpful.
SwiftUI is a brand new framework just released by Apple. Build user interfaces in a simple way that makes sense, and automatically works across a range of Apple devices. The SwiftUI declarative sytax is easy to read and natural to write. Automatic support for Dark Mode, accessibility, localization and etc. means professional quality apps with no extra work.

In this course we’re going to:

Deep dive and build a functioning app in SwiftUI

Understand how to combine Views for complex interfaces

Navigate between our screens

Work with json data

Take a look at what’s included with SFSymbols

Learn about the built-in components and how to use them in your own apps

This course is a great way for anyone to get started with SwiftUI, covering the most important topics, and showing you how they can actually be implemented when building your own apps

Who this course is for:
Swift developers who want to learn SwiftUI framework.
Designers who want to use SwiftUI for prototyping
Anyone who’s interested in App Development and Design

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