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Mastering Swift 4 – Fourth Edition: An in-depth and comprehensive guide to modern programming techniques with Swift

Dive into the latest release of the Swift programming language with this advanced development book for building highly performant applications.

About This Book
Harness the latest and most advanced features of Swift 4 to develop quality iOS and macOS applications
Comprehensive coverage of all the advanced features of Swift and guidance on advanced design techniques
Dive deep into protocol extensions, learn new error handling model, and use featured Swift design patterns to write more efficient code
Get to grips with advanced design techniques to write smarter, cleaner Swift code
Who This Book Is For
This book is for developers who want to delve into the newest version of Swift. If you are a developer who learns best by looking at and working with code, then this book is for you. A basic understanding of Apple’s tools is beneficial but not mandatory.

What You Will Learn
Delve into the core components of Swift 4.0, including operators, collections, control flows, and functions
Create and use classes, structures, and enumerations
Understand protocol-oriented design and see how it can help you write better code
Develop a practical understanding of subscripts and extensions
Add concurrency to your applications using Grand Central Dispatch and Operation Queues
Implement generics and closures to write very flexible and reusable code
Make use of Swift s error handling and availability features to write safer code
In Detail
Swift is the definitive language for Apple development today. It’s a vital part of any iOS and macOS developer’s skillset, helping them to build the most impressive and popular apps on the App Store the sort of apps that are essential to iPhone and iPad users every day. With version 4.0, the Swift team has added new features to improve the development experience, making it easier to get the results you want and customers expect.

Inside, you’ll find the key features of Swift 4.0 and quickly learn how to use the newest updates to your development advantage. From Objective-C interoperability and ARC to closures and concurrency, this advanced Swift guide will develop your expertise and help you become fluent in this vital programming language.

We’ll give you an in-depth knowledge of some of the most sophisticated elements of Swift development, including protocol extensions, error-handling, design patterns, and concurrency. We’ll guide you on how to use and apply them in your own projects. You’ll see how to leverage the power of protocol-oriented programming to write flexible and easier-to-manage code.

Table of Contents
Taking the First Steps with Swift
Learning about Variables, Constants, Strings & Operators
Using Swift Collections & the Tuple Type
Control Flow & Functions
Classes & Structures
Using Protocols & Protocol Extensions
Protocol-Oriented Design
Writing Safer Code with Availability & Error Handling
Custom Subscripting
Using Optional Types
Working with Generics
Working with Closures
Using Mix & Match
Concurrency & Parallelism in Swift
Swift Formatting & Style Guide
Swift Core Libraries
Adopting Design Patterns in Swift

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