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iOS & Swift: Mastering Table Views *Projects in Swift 4*

A basic understanding of the Swift programming language.
A Mac running Xcode 8 or later
If you’re an iOS user then I can almost guarantee you’ve used a table view at least once today. UITableView is one of the most commonly used classes in iOS applications and with their speed and flexibility it’s easy to see why!

Just take a look at Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, iOS notifications, Settings, Podcasts, Netflix, Amazon and so on and so on… they feature prominently in the vast majority of iOS applications. With this in mind, you would think they are easy to learn and well documented but, until now, this wasn’t the case.

Current tutorials are littered with incomplete information and lack best practices. This course takes you through the ins and outs of UITableView and you’ll come out of it confidently creating world class table views!

Who this course is for:
Any level of iOS Developer who is looking to expand their knowledge

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