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Hacking with tvOS 12 – Build Apple TV Apps

Xcode 10 is needed – Which is a free download from the App Store
Note: All finished projects and source code have been update to swift 5.0. So even though some lectures are shown using Swift 4.2, just reference the source code for any update you might need.

Build 12 complete projects that teach you all the ins and outs of tvOS as well as 4 technique projects that reinforce your tvOS skills and knowledge by introducing the latest techniques, for building better apps.

This course is written by the award winning Swift programmer, Paul Hudson, it is from his best selling book, “Hacking with tvOS”, made into a lecture style course, and these videos were made with his permission and support. Paul is the author of the Hacking With Swift series of tutorials, which is one of the most popular Swift coding sites online. Paul also has received high praise from the creator of the Swift language, Chris Lattner, for his outstanding method of teaching, and series of Swift tutorials. And working together with iOS developer Steve DeStefano, the Hacking with Swift series of programming training videos are simply the fastest way to learn how to code in the Apple eco-system.

This course incorporates the use of annotations, callouts, diagrams, highlighting, and deep explanations that help make complex subject matter, much easier to grasp, and serve to reinforce key concepts, as well as guide you along the path of the code, each step of the way. This course also makes the perfect reference tool kit, to be used in conjunction with the Apple docs, so that you can go back and scrub through any of the lectures very quickly to pull out relevant code or instruction that you need, as there’s no wasted chatter here, it’s strictly on point with tvOS.

Please note: These are intermediate to advanced projects, and this course will not teach you the Swift language, or how to code, you should already have completed Paul Hudson’s Swift tutorials at HackingWithSwift dot com, or gone through the Hacking With Swift beginner to pro course here on Udemy.

Work with table views, custom collection views, rows and columns

Learn how to add animations to your apps

Build SpriteKit games

Fetch and parse JSON data

Learn how to work with the tvOS “Focus engine”

Use GCD (Grand Central Dispatch) to move to and from the main thread

Work with the “Tab Bar Controller”

Learn all about formatting strings

Learn the API’s for working with “Dark Mode”, which adjusts the dark and light mode of your apps

Build a wiki map app using “MapKit”

Make top shelf extensions, which are mini apps that occupy the top two thirds of the tvOS home screen

Use TVMLKit, JavaScript, and XML to create a “Movie Shopper app”

Learn how to save and store files using “UserDefaults”, the “iCloud key value store”, and “on demand resources”

And much more!

Who this course is for:
This course is meant for intermediate and advanced programmers as it does not teach the Swift language, or how to code

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