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Hacking with Swift 3 – Beginner to Pro – Build 22 iOS Apps

You will need a Mac, and Xcode 8 which is a free download from the App Store, and simply a desire to transform your ideas into amazing apps
This course is produced from the “Hacking with Swift” series of tutorials, which are written and authored by the award winning Swift programmer, Paul Hudson, and these videos were made with his permission and support. You can always be guaranteed you’re learning the latest and greatest Apple technologies because all of Paul’s tutorials are written for iOS 10. Here you learn smart, powerful, and expressive Swift 3, the way it was meant to be written. You learn while you make real-world iOS projects, which means you get to apply your new skills immediately and see them work in context. Hacking with Swift is one of the most popular Swift tutorial series online, which uses an approach that teaches you Swift programming incredibly quickly, and you end up with a huge library of finished projects that are yours to develop further, or ship to the App Store. Paul has received high praise from the creator of the Swift language himself, Chris Lattner, for his outstanding method of teaching, and series of Swift tutorials. And working together with iOS developer Steve DeStefano, the Hacking with Swift series of programming training videos are simply the fastest way to learn how to code in the Apple eco-system.

Check out all of Paul Hudson’s Swift tutorials and books at HackingWithSwift – from beginner to pro, Paul will teach you to write Swift code in very little time.

The term “Hacking with Swift” means we are “playing” with the Swift language, and using it in unique and interesting ways.

This course incorporates the use of annotations, callouts, diagrams, highlighting, and deep explanations that help make complex subject matter, much easier to grasp, and guides you along the path of the code, each step of the way. This course also makes the perfect reference tool kit, to be used in conjunction with the Apple docs, so that you can go back and scrub through any of the lectures very quickly to pull out relevant code or instruction that you need, as there’s no wasted chatter here, it’s strictly on point with Swift and iOS 10.

Some of what will be covered:

Featuring apps built by the award winning Swift programmer – Paul Hudson – HackingWithSwift dot com
We use Xcode 8 – The latest version
The Swift 3 language – we go from variables to creating our own functions and more
Learn Swift by use of annotations / diagrams / highlighting / callouts
Learning the ins and outs of Xcode 8
Working in storyboards and all it nuances
How to use controls / Outlets and Actions
How to use logic for smooth control flow
Using segues and passing data, in storyboards, and programmatically
Master table and collection view controller
Using delegates and protocols
Work with the social framework – FB – Twitter etc.
Learn how to refactor code
The ins and outs of GCD
SpriteKit and Games
UserDefaults – to persist data
Adding audio / animations
Master strings in Swift 3
Using stackView
The safari view controller class
Core Image
Learn the best debugging techniques
Create an extension for your app
Learn to work with MapKit
Auto layout easy and advanced – create constraints using VFL
Learn how to work with JSON data in swift
Local Notifications
Recorded in HD for maximum clarity
And a ton more…
Swift is the new language of the future, and with this course you will get plenty of instruction on how to implement it in unique ways.

This course assumes you have no programming experience, so its perfect for the beginner. Its also a nice fit for the intermediate and experienced coder as it covers many advanced topics and techniques as well.

If you think this might be too difficult for you, think again, and come code along with me in a step by step format….just add a big portion of your own unique creativity, and before you know it, you will have built many amazing apps that you can submit to the App Store, and place in the hands of thousands of people.

Happy Coding 🙂

Who this course is for:
This course is for anyone who has a burning desire to get their own creative ideas translated into apps, ready for the app store. We cover the complete Swift 3 language and then how to build apps in iOS – From beginner to advanced
This is the perfect course if your coming from another language like Objective C or any other language, and you’ll see how easy it is to transition to swift 3.

What do you think?

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